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Our Youtube Channel
On our YouTube channel, we talk about the projects we have completed. About design and about the life of our studio in general. Analysis of many technical issues in the implementation of the project and answers to frequently asked questions. Enjoy!

Our principle of work is an engineering and individual approach to each project. Creation of a comfortable and functional home, taking into account all the wishes of the customer.

We are ready to provide you with comprehensive services. From concept development to project creation and implementation. Corporate design of the album of drawings for the customer and foreman. Coordination of all works. Selection of professionals, partners, search for the best prices and delivery times for you.

We will not only create a high-quality design project, but also help to complete it. Starting from the purchase of wallpaper and ending with the acquisition of a functional German kitchen. Our specialists have a large partner base, thanks to which the completion of an object turns from flour into a common thing.

We have over 8 years of successful work in the field of interior design. Over 20000 sq.m. projected area and about 50 satisfied customers living in their apartments and houses.

The head of the studio is Alexey Kovyazin. Graduate of the Kuban State Technological University, Faculty of Construction and Property Management. Member of the Union of Designers of Russia.

Good Design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because it's not their idea.
— Frank Chimero

Interior design studio. Interior design project for a house, apartment, cafe, restaurant in Krasnodar, Moscow.

We create and implement images. Transformation of space in professional execution.

"I like!". These are the words we always hear from our grateful customers. The portfolio of embodied images of business and residential space, whether it is an original project of a house or an apartment, is constantly growing, replenished with new original views.

Interior design in Krasnodar: any creative ideas, maximum functionality and ergonomics. Our artistic genius is inexhaustible, and we are ready to make a design project for an apartment, house in any existing style.

Or we can easily come up with a new one. We do not have a rigid view of space. But there is an absolute loyalty and welcome to everything new and original.

Specialists from the OnePlace interior design studio will develop and implement visually spectacular interior design images in Krasnodar.

Embodying the design of an apartment, studio or house, we create an emotional atmosphere in detail. At the same time, observing a single stylistic concept, organically weaving the play of light and decor items into the overall canvas.

Thus, making the institution recognizable, comfortable and visually attractive. We offer creative solutions that will work for your business in the future.

Our view of the living space goes beyond everyday life thanks to the original interior design. And if you keep up with the progress, the OnePlace studio will offer the design of an apartment, studio or house in Krasnodar according to unique developments created exclusively for your desires.

Only customized solutions.

We will help you take a fresh look at the interior design of your house and cottage. Emphasizing its uniqueness and reaching that level of comfort when a feeling of delight and bliss appears in your soul.

We will create from scratch and, if necessary, adjust ready-made solutions. In the portfolio you can also see <a href="/portfolio">design projects of restaurants, cafes, bars and other spaces</a>, made by the specialists of our company

Studio OnePlace: thoughtful, creative, spectacular - we are ready for experiments.